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Its the Ford Pinto of paper-planes: ready to fall apart, crash and burn at anytime, but cheap and easy to make. The design will get stuck at the good-enough and will never progress to great. An airplane that you throw hardnearly straight upso that with just the right trimming it reaches the top of its arc, gracefully roles upright, and begins a flat circling descent. They are paper-planes, not paper-and-stuff-planes. Does it mean higher gas millage? I tried many plane designs and kludges, but a solution eluded. And more importantly, dont stop iterating your problem. Design Goal: Make a pure paper-plane that glides well and can be thrown. Design Goal: Make a paper-plane, like most kids, my first airplane was the dart. It is easy to iterate, get to a place that is suitable, and stop iterating. With iterative design, its the problem of rising to the first level of competence. Aside from the fact that you now know how to make 4 awesome paper-planes (and one bad one whats the moral of the story? Iterative design is a process of continually improving not just the design, but also the problem your design is trying to solve.

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Its similar to the problem of rising to the first level of incompetence. Follow @aza on Twitter, all blog posts). It barely seems to lose any altitude at all as it skims across a salope de competition put on my blue suede shoes room. This is exacerbated by the wing folder design choice, which yields a cleaner wing fold for less support at a stress point. Ive been on a quest for the last 16 years. With a really good throw, the plane flattens out under the stress and flutters around a bit. Although fifteen seconds may not seem like much, every tenth of a second that goes by on the stopwatch feels like a blissful minute. After playing with the dart for a bit, I was unsatisfied: it flies less like a airplane than a rock with ersatz wings. That isnt to say that creating the solution is easy, or doesnt require a deep knowledge and honed skill set. There are too many ways that better can be interpreted. The glider is the opposite of the dart. Much harder is the implicit problem of figuring out exactly what the problem is in the first place. If you are good at your new job, youll get promoted again.

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The one oddity is that it flies best in what most people would consider upside-down. They are beautiful because creativity triumphed over the rules. Ive had planes stay aloft for upwards of a quarter of a minute inside the windless sanctuaries of gyms. The inversion fold is, as far as I know, completely unique in the world of paper airplanes. For example, the problem statement Design a better car isnt very good: its too abstract. Its just to say that when you have a set of requirements and a well defined problem, you know where you stand and where you have to get. The dart and the glider form two ends of the spectrum: The dart lacks finesse and is constantly unfolding itself, but can be thrown hard and is impervious to wind; the glider is all finesse and nearly.

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